5 Reason Why is Your Cat Behaving Badly?

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5- Biting

Cats can bite when they are afraid or angry. It is therefore particularly important never to tease your cat, which can be frustrating and threatening. If your cat has a health problem, it can bite because of the pain it feels. Whatever the reason, a cat often gives warning signs before biting. If she whistles, flattens her ears, or makes a low growl, it’s time to step back.

If your cat is not acting because of an injury or illness, it’s time to train. If you are fighting with your cat, stop – this encourages aggressive behavior towards you. Let your cat play roughly with a toy he can hunt instead. If she nibbles at you during play or petting, stop and walk away. If you are trying to pet your cat and it is rewarding your affection with a bite, slowly withdraw your hand and respect its personal space. If your cat continues to exhibit aggressive behavior, consult your veterinarian. Open Next To Read More

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