Suki the Bengal Cat That Will Give You Envy to Travel


One of the most beautiful breeds of cat that can be acquired is probably the Bengal cat, sometimes called Bengal cat although it does not come from exactly this region of the world! This unusual breed has been created for the pleasure of the eyes: it sports an exotic dress that makes it look like a little leopard. This is a real cat with a strong character … If you plan to adopt one, be careful, the reflection is de rigueur before capsizing.

Size: 30 to 35 cm in length
Weight: 4.5 to 6.8 kg for the male, 3.6 to 5.4 kg for the female
Hair: short
Color: orange tones to light brown
Life expectancy: 10 to 16 years
Gestation duration: 56 to 71 days


While your cat spends his time slouched on the couch, others are around the world. This is the unusual and wonderful story of Suki, the Bengal cat and Instagram star. This feline, similar to a small leopard, is native to Canada. With his mistress, he travels and takes the break in exceptional landscapes.


Whether it’s a trip to the beach or exploring a new country, for many people, traveling is a luxury just accessible once a year. While there are a whole slew of fighters flooding our Instagram feeds with great photos of their adventures with their dog, a cat is stealing the show from everyone these days.

Some humans dream of traveling and discovering the world, this cat does it for them. Whether in the middle of a field of flowers, perched on the bow of a canoe, or on the back of his mistress, Suki shows us beautiful landscapes. This cat is naturally majestic. Only his eyes are slightly retouched by his mistress to bring out more. Today, their adventures are followed by nearly 1milion people.


This is an unusual life for a small cat, but he has not been afraid to use his little paws to explore new lands. Not only does Suki seem happy with her life as an adventurer, she also has many souvenir photos on Instagram from which her photos are taken.


Whether for a canoe trip or a climb to reach a flower meadow, every place visited by this cat becomes much brighter each time she enters.
Suki has received many comments on the incredible color of his eyes. “His color is edited! Says one of his masters. “I really like playing with pictures to create a little magic. »

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Suki, a beautiful Bengal cat living in Canada travels with his mistress and he poses for her in beautiful places. Perched on the bow of a boat or lying nonchalantly on the edge of a cliff, he knows how to honor the landscapes that surround him.


Suki has become the new darling of the web. Both model and adventurer, this cat Bengal (race from the United States) melts the Internet users on social networks. Accompanied by its owners, Suki explores Canada by kayak, backpack and car.

Suki in front of a lake and snowy mountains, in a kayak, posing on an Aztec carpet or lost in the middle of the Canadian forest, in front of a typical wooden cabin (surely the one where Bon Iver isolated himself to write his first album), his photos collect thousands of likes. And for good reason, this cat is fascinating.


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