7 Foods do not take on an Empty Stomach… First number is very important

You probably know there are medications that clearly state do not take on an Empty Stomach.  Well, there are foods that you should not consume on an empty stomach due to any number of elements that make up a specific food.  One of the worst times when deciding what you should eat is probably breakfast.  Beyond any other time of day, your stomach is totally empty so you need to know what foods you should stay away from. Here is a list of some of the leading foods you should not consume on an empty stomach.


7.Stay Away From Tomatoes

Most of us think of tomatoes as healthy alternatives for meals but what you might not know, even though they provide vitamin C and nutrients, they also have hidden ingredients that can upset your stomach.  Tomatoes have tannic acid which increases the level of acid pouring into your stomach which will cause gastric disorders.  If you suffer from ulcers or issues with your esophagus, steer clear of tomatoes and other citrus fruits such as lemons and oranges. Open Next To See All 7 Food

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