7 Foods do not take on an Empty Stomach… First number is very important

You probably know there are medications that clearly state do not take on an Empty Stomach.  Well, there are foods that you should not consume on an empty stomach due to any number of elements that make up a specific food.  One of the worst times when deciding what you should eat is probably breakfast.  Beyond any other time of day, your stomach is totally empty so you need to know what foods you should stay away from. Here is a list of some of the leading foods you should not consume on an empty stomach.


7.Stay Away From Tomatoes

Most of us think of tomatoes as healthy alternatives for meals but what you might not know, even though they provide vitamin C and nutrients, they also have hidden ingredients that can upset your stomach.  Tomatoes have tannic acid which increases the level of acid pouring into your stomach which will cause gastric disorders.  If you suffer from ulcers or issues with your esophagus, steer clear of tomatoes and other citrus fruits such as lemons and oranges. Open Next To See All 7 Food



6.Stay Away From Carbonated Drinks


Many people believe that soft drinks are a good alternative for coffee and will consume them for breakfast.  Little do they know, carbonated drinks consumed on an empty stomach can lead to swelling and other physical issues.

If you are someone who drinks a lot of soft drinks during the course of the day, you are increasing the level of acid flowing into your stomach. On top of that, if you drink a lot of soft drinks, you can cause erosion in your stomach, including the lining.  Keep in mind, sparkling water is no better and can cause mutations. You should seriously consider what you are drinking and think twice about any carbonated drinks, that includes diet sodas.Open Next To See All 7 Food


5.About Pastries

Are you someone who will grab a fast alternative for breakfast such as pastries?  Whether for breakfast or for a quick snack during the day, pastries are a really poor choice.  Not only will you gain weight but pastries are loaded with yeast which can very easily irritate your stomach.Open Next To See All 7 Food


4.Spicy Foods Are A No No!

Consuming spicy foods, especially on an empty stomach, can lead to stomach problems and lead to a lot of irritation.  Spicy foods are loaded with acid leading to severe stomach issues and cramping.  Many people who consume spicy foods will experience poor indigestion and if you suffer from acid reflux it will make the issue worse.  Acid reflux is also known as heartburn.  It happens when acids in your stomach back up causing a burning sensation in your lower chest or abdomen. On an empty stomach, it can be twice as painful.Open Next To See All 7 Food


3.Avoid Sweets

Even though sweets taste great, they can cause many problems including weight gain. Sugar digests in your stomach very easily but your body can’t produce enough insulin to keep your blood levels normal.

Sugar is an acidogenic food that will upset your acid-alkaline balance. If you suffer from high blood sugar or diabetes, you probably already know you should avoid sugar.Open Next To See All 7 Food



Even though yogurt is loaded with lactic acid bacteria which is good for you, the lactic acid becomes ineffectual by the levels of acid when consumed on an empty stomach.  When consumed on an empty stomach, the lactic acid bacteria is killed off leading to acidity. You are better off having yogurt as a snack food an hour or so after having a meal.Open Next To See All 7 Food



Pears contain raw fiber so when you consume them on an empty stomach, it can cause damage to your delicate membranes.  In turn, they can lead to an upset stomach so it’s really advisable if you want to eat pears, include cereal or oatmeal


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