Man’s Cat Sleeps On His Face – Is His Cat Trying To Kill His Owner?

There have always been some really strange tweets on Twitter but this story has to beat the band!

A man could not figure out why he was having difficulty breathing while he was sleeping.  He decided to set up a camera in his bedroom to see what was going on.  He was concerned he was suffering from a breathing disorder and wanted to address the issue as quickly as possible.

When he viewed the camera shots, he was absolutely stunned to discover his cat had been sleeping on his face!  His first reaction, his cat was trying to kill him!  That couldn’t be further from the truth.  Cats, being the mysterious creatures they are, will choose their favorite sleeping places and this cat thought his owner’s face was the perfect place. Open Next To See More Of Picture

His post received well over 1.4 million likes and continues to grow.  While many viewers found this post hysterical, there were many others who shared their own personal stories about their cats and their strange behaviors.  Many people understand all too well from their stories and decided to post images of their cats’ midnight adventures.

One owner thought he was suffering from sleep apnea, which can be a serious disorder that causes someone’s breathing to stop and start during the night. Sleep apnea is usually an obstruction of the airways that has often been associated with people who are overweight or obese. Open Next To See More Of Picture



The tweet was accompanied by photos of his cat hugging his owner while he slept.  It took off like wildfire receiving over 300,000 likes.  The hilarious pictures showed his cat watching him sleep, then decided it was time to just curl up and sleep on his face.  Viewers all across the internet were tickled pink with the images of the cat and owner!  So many people decided to share their own experiences with their cats as well.

Another cat owner said their cat used to do the same thing.  They shared their story that they only found out because they woke up from a bizarre dream they were suffocating.  There was kitty nicely sprawled out on her owner’s face! Open Next To See More Of Picture


It seems quite common that many cats find their owners’ faces a perfect resting spot, along with cardboard boxes!  There can be several reasons that seem logical to a cat.  As an example, it’s been shown that female cats will often sleep on top of their litter to protect them, so maybe kitty felt they needed to protect their owner.

Many other feline owners have posted even more hysterical photos of their furry little friends’ antics in the middle of the night.

Cats are truly mysterious and quite unique in their likes and what seems like a good idea and what doesn’t.  Cats, in general, amuse their owners with new antics on a regular basis and I’d be the last one to want to change that!

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