17 Ways Cats Show Their Love For You. Do You Recognize Them?

17 Ways Cats Show Their Love For You.

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All cats whether they are alley cats, tomcats, or some exotic breed, are known for their independence. It’s a total myth that cats are not affectionate because that’s just not true.  The truth be known,  cats best are extremely attached to their owners and constantly send off signs telling them I Love You!  It’s just that cats have their own way of expressing their feelings but the signs are there, loud and clear if you pay attention.

We have listed 17 ways your furry buddy will let you know they love you:

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1. Waiting for you at the door

Understand, animals have a far superior ability to hear sounds.  Your car’s engine is a sound your cat will pick up very quickly telling them you have returned home. They will probably stand by the door or sit in a window until you walk in the door.   Never underestimate cats, this is an excellent sign that your cat loves you and has missed you all day long!

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