Death of Grumpy Cat, one of the most famous animals on the Internet


It was one of the best-known animals in the web, a cat with a grumpy expression seen in countless images, a figure of social networks still displayed on t-shirts, mugs, calendars, stuffed animals, the Wall Street Journal and on the cover of a book (the Grumpy Book) which has been ranked for several weeks in the best sales in the United States.


Grumpy Cat, whose real name Tardar Sauce, died Tuesday, May 14 at the age of 7, announced his owner, Tabatha Bundesen, on social networks Friday. The feline succumbed to a urinary tract infection. his mistress stated that he died peacefully in the arms of his mother.


“We are deeply saddened to announce the passing of our beloved Grumpy Cat. Despite the best possible care and a family that loves him, Grumpy suffered the complications of a urinary tract infection that she failed to recover. She died peacefully on Tuesday, May 14, in the arms of her mother Tabatha. ”



It is through this message posted on Twitter that the masters of the legendary cat Grumpy Cat have announced the sad news. Grumpy Cat passed away on May 17th. She was only seven years old.

At the height of her fame in 2013 and 2014, she was one of the most prominent figures at the prestigious SXSW festival in Austin, Texas, dedicated to technology and the Internet. We had seen the head of the matou spread on the whole facade of a building of the Sixth Street – that of the revelers – or on the original throne of Game of Thrones. In the building then invested by the site Mashable, it was necessary to wait a good moment to be able to take photographs or to give him a microphone under the nose.

Become famous in 2012 thanks to the Internet, Grumpy Cat quickly became world famous. Many marketing projects have emerged around this cat to look like no other that is worth 125 million dollars today. It also had more than 10 million fans on social networks. They are crying today for his disappearance.




Grumpy Cat is, since 2012, one of the most famous figures of the Internet – his official account posted more than 2 million subscribers on Instagram and 1 million on Twitter. The cat gave birth to a whole trade around his image. In association with his brother Bryan, Tabatha Bundesen has created a company, Grumpy Cat Limited, responsible for managing its image rights and collecting royalties.


Stuff you didn’t know about the Grumpy Cat

1-Grumpy Cat is a female.
We’ve always made a connection between Grumpy Cat and Grincheux Snow White’s dwarf but in truth, it’s a female.

2-His real name is Tardar Sauce.
His real name is not Grumpy Cat but Tardar Sauce. It’s less beautiful but it’s like that. You can call it late.





3-She was born on April 4, 2012.

Despite her scowl and eyes that seem to have lived a thousand years, Tardar Sauce is a little over a year, which makes her the most grumpy kitten in history.


4-The photo that made her known was posted on Reddit September 22, 2012.


5-His favorite dishes are tuna and Starbucks coffee cake.

Well, tuna is pretty commonplace, but Tardar is not a cat like any other, and his cute sin is so Starbucks coffee cakes. Luxury tastes?


6-She was born in Morristown, Arizona.

A lost and desert hole with barely 300 inhabitants on the counter.


7-She is only photographed once a week.

Her teachers want above all to privilege the comfort of their little cat. Most of the time, Tardar Sauce has a normal cat life.

8- The first video of Grumpy Cat has exceeded 10 million views on YouTube.


9- She has a brother, Pokey, who is also dwarf.


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