American Curl

American Curl


The American Curl is a cat with many advantages. Very good companion for a family with or without children, it is also suitable for elderly or sedentary people. In fact, it is mainly an indoor cat that is available in two variants: one with long hair and one with short hair. The American Curl is a relatively young cat (1980) and breathtakingly soft, rarely calm, even if it can be playful and active whenever you want. He hardly meows and makes him a great house cat. Your health is not a problem if your unique ears are properly controlled.

The American curl takes its name from English, which means “curly” and obviously refers to its special ears. It is the cat that was discovered by this American couple in 1981. Grace and Joe Ruga fall on a little cat in Southern California. At first they didn’t really pay attention to him, until the Sulamith named after him gave birth to numerous kittens with curled ears.


After a few questions to cat experts in the USA, the American Curl breed was founded by TICA in 1985, 4 years after its discovery, and above all recognized.
His body: The American Curl is a medium-sized, semi-foreign format, as the standard says. It has a body that is classified as elegant and rectangular. Its length is more important than the height of its cross. Note that the male is usually taller than the female. There is also a nice toned musculature as well as a thin bone.
Its fur: The American Curl is available in 2 versions, as it is made up of both short and long hair. The first has silky hair that lies on the body and has almost no inner layer. The second has a half-long fur instead of a long one. It is also silky and rests on the body. The tail is well equipped.
Its color: The standard of the American Curl is like its cousin, the American Bobtail. All colors of the dress are allowed.
His head: he is medium in size and triangular, fairly long and less wide. The snout has rounded contours, the chin is firm.
His eyes: They are quite large and proportional to the rest of the head. Walnut-shaped and well distributed. All colors are accepted by the standard, but the most vivid is preferred.
Your ears: The ears of the American Curl make it special and unique. They are bent over the head and bent backwards by 90 ° to 180 °. They are quite large and have hair inside. However, the original shape of the ears should not prevent the cat from making natural movements.
His tail: It is quite short because it measures between 2 and 10 cm. Feathery, especially with long-haired varieties.

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