10 Signs That Your Cats is in Pain…. The First Number is Very Important !!!

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1- Your Cat’s Posture

Many times when a cat suffers from pain or illness, they will sit bent over in a squatting position.  Their back will be bent higher than normal, their head down, and their front legs folded under them.  When he goes to bed, he might keep his paws folded under him instead of lying on his side.

These are some signs that something is going on with your little friend.  Pay attention to them and if you see anything that is abnormal and continues, you must contact your vet.  Your friend might need help and only you can make sure he or she gets the help they desperately need.

Start ahead of time and look into the best pet insurance policies for your cat,  There are many plans available that will cover your cat and make sure he or she gets the very best care should something happen and they need good medical care.

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