10 Signs That Your Cats is in Pain…. The First Number is Very Important !!!

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Being the owner of a cat, I know it can be difficult at times to tell if your cat is in pain for various reasons.  We can misread signs that our little friends are in pain until the issue escalates showing more obvious problems such as a loss of appetite or lethargy. Some signs will be more obvious after a prolonged illness or if they have been seriously ill. By the time you realize something is wrong with your cat, it’s probably been going on for a long time and possibly led to a serious illness. Do you have pet insurance?

You need to help them and prevent medical issues that could worsen. To ensure their health, you should look into pet insurance in case something serious happens.

Keep in mind, it’s not necessarily your fault.  Cats are great at hiding diseases and illnesses.  This is because cats are both prey and predators in the wild.  Showing signs of pain will make them more vulnerable.  It can also be difficult for your vet to pick up on signs of pain because your cat is under a great deal of stress and fear when visiting your vet.


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The Signs Your Cat Is In Pain

Cats, just like people, have behavior issues that are affecting them.  In many cases, cats will display behavioral issues before physical symptoms. It’s important that you know what is normal behavior or what is a normal temperature. Be aware of a normal attitude, normal energy level, appetite, whether they drink a lot of water, and if they have regular checkups.  You can keep down pet insurance costs by comparing pet insurance for cats to keep them protected.

Even the slightest change could be a sign your cat is ill or in pain.  Since they cannot tell you what’s going on, it’s really important to convey these signs to your veterinarian so they can decide if the symptom is abnormal and related to pain. You can shop online and find so many different cat insurance policies to ensure he is protected all the time While on the subject, get your cat’s best friend, your dog, good dog insurance that will fit your budget and keep all your pets safe and getting the very best medical care possible. There are plans that will cover multiple pets!

10-Changes In Grooming Habits

By nature, cats are extremely meticulous.  If you notice your cat is not washing properly or only concentrating on their face and frontal body, that’s not normal. If your cat’s grooming habits have changed and his coat is being neglected, you need to get with your vet to find the best solutions.

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